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The Language Archive by Julia Cho, Piven Theatre Workshop

  "I think Cho intends us to think that Mary married below her own emotional capacity

when she picked poor George, and, to Fagen's great credit,

that is precisely the kind of character he reveals."  - Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune


"Fagen in particular communicates a universe of

unexpressed sorrow in his impotent pauses."  - Jack Helbig, Chicago Reader







The Petrified Forest by Robert Sherwood, Strawdog Theatre Company

"Enter Alan Squire (Paul Fagen, excellent as a sort of

washed-up F. Scott Fitzgerald type). . ." - Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times









The Nutcracker by Jake Minton/Phil Klapperich, The House Theatre

"Ericka Ratcliff and Paul Fagen capture the quietly tortured dynamic

that makes parents Martha and David such heartbreaking characters." -TimeOut Chicago


"...high-spirited and hilarious Ericka Ratcliff and Paul Fagen..." - The Fourth Walsh







Big Love by Charles Mee, Strawdog Theatre Company

"The sole nod to non-hetero conventions is Piero's maybe-gay

nephew Giuliano, played by Paul Fagen with dignity even as

he performs the Backstreet Boys' "As Long As You Love Me" in drag."

– TimeOut Chicago


"Paul Fagen and Cheryl Roy float through in delightful

character roles." – Chicago Reader







The Metal Children by Adam Rapp, Next Theatre Company

"An instructor, Stacey Kinsella (a powerful performance by Paul Fagen)

feels that an author has the right to create without censorship and

that the choice to select their reading material should

be the choice of the students. "– Around the Town Chicago






bobrauschenbergamerica by Charles Mee, ChicagoFusionTheatre

"Of the standout performances Paul Fagen (as Carl)

offers several notable moments . He somehow makes

asking the audience to applaud a blanket funny. Hilarious even. " - Edge Chicago


"There's a nice tenderness in the occasional gay coupling of

Pat King's Allen and Carl, portrayed by the elastic Paul Fagen."   - Windy City Times




Quiz Show by Rob Drummond, Strawdog Theatre Company

". . . the reveal and the ending, thanks to outstandingly emotional moments from

Goeden and Fagen, manages to land a devastating punch."  - Chicago Stage Standard

Late Company by Jordan Tannehill, Cor Theatre

"As Michael, Debora’s sometimes clueless, often absent politician husband,

Paul Fagen is excellent. His desperation in trying to paint a portrait of Joel,

a son he barely knew or understood, is palpable." - Chicago Theater Review

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